Trios: A National Provider of Facility & Property Related Services



Trios Group People

Our Mission

To be recognised as a leading provider of fully integrated facilities support services focussing on quality service, safety and value for money.

Our Vision and Values

We will be the facilities service provider of choice who works with their customers and suppliers to deliver best value for money whilst maintaining excellent customer service.

Considerate and safe
Explore the alternatives
Maximise everyone’s potential
Share our success
Right first time
Customer satisfaction

How do we Achieve our Goals?

  • We start with robust recruitment and retention policies
  • We encourage on-going training and personal development
  • We have flexible, hands-on management
  • We are willing to listen and encourage a free flow of ideas
  • We have shared high expectations

Code of Ethics

At the most basic level, our Code of Ethics captures in simple format the characteristics that underpin our business philosophy: When dealing with each other, with customers, with suppliers and with other third parties, employees must conduct business honestly and in good faith, maintaining trust and confidence. Employees must not act in a manner, which could bring the Trios Group into disrepute. Our complementary and equally promoted Whistleblower Policy reinforces that our Code is real and to be respected. Similarly, we abide at all times by the terms of the Bribery Act 2010.

Cultural Characteristics

‘Frank and open’, ‘egalitarian’, ‘focused but flexible’ and ‘shared high expectations’ are all phrases regularly cited as being synonymous with the environment we have created; an environment which also aims to provide employees with ample opportunity to achieve their own personal potential.

All our actions and methods of delivery are developed with a conscious desire to minimise our impact on the environment. The Group is committed to maximising sustainability within financial and market constraints.

Most importantly of all, we remain committed to the health and safety of our people and of those who come into contact with our activities; whether customers, suppliers or members of the public. Our safety ethos, continued investment in technical training and awareness-raising programmes, are designed to reach ever-exacting performance levels.

Managing and Monitoring our Supply Chain

The Trios Group are committed to protecting vulnerable workers and ensuring that in our own company, and our wider supply chain, we comply with the requirements within Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Below is our group Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement which outlines the steps we have taken to ensure compliance within the defined financial period.

Human Traffic and Slavery Policy Statement (1.23MB)


The way forward - European Excellence

Our biggest strength is our people. Our senior management has benefited from investment in experienced and professional people with a forward-thinking attitude, whilst there is a core of the long-serving employees who naturally bring with them a wealth of job focused experience. Our core aim is to provide a tailored service focusing on the clients need, so although we have management structures in place, we remain flexible in our approach, developing tools to enable us as teams to deliver the best service.

We are working towards a corporate ethos that embodies partnering and teamwork as a model to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are also working towards a methodology based around the nine principles of the European Excellence Model.

Trios Group believe that people are an organisation’s greatest asset, and in order to succeed everyone has to perform well. To achieve this, people need the right knowledge, skills and motivation to work efficiently.

Trios Group’s internal structure focuses on the following topics:

  • Business
  • Learning & Development
  • People Management
  • Leadership & Management
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Involvement & Empowerment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Continuous Improvement

Working towards the EFQM principles

How do you define Excellence?

Excellent organisations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders.

We can all think of organisations that we would recognise as being excellent. They may well operate in different environments, with different stakeholder constituencies, and come in all shapes and sizes but what they share a common mindset that is based on a number of attributes and ways of working that separate them from the crowd.

The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence outline the foundation for achieving sustainable excellence in any organisation. They can be used as the basis to describe the attributes of an excellent organisational culture. They also serve as a common language for top management.

These eight concepts have been identified through a rigorous process that included benchmarking globally, searching extensively for emerging management trends and, last but not least, a series of interviews with senior executives from a cross-section of industries operating across Europe. Each of the concepts is important in its own right but maximum benefit is achieved when an organisation can integrate them all into its culture. These fundamentals concepts are:

Adding Value for Customers
Excellent organisations consistently add value for customers by understanding, anticipating and fulfilling needs, expectations and opportunities.

Creating a Sustainable Future
Excellent organisations have a positive impact on the world around them by enhancing their performance whilst simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions within the communities they touch.

Developing Organisational Capability
Excellent organisations enhance their capabilities by effectively managing change within and beyond the organisational boundaries.

Harnessing Creativity & Innovation
Excellent organisations generate increased value and levels of performance through continual improvement and systematic innovation by harnessing the creativity of their stakeholders.

Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity
Excellent organisations have leaders who shape the future and make it happen, acting as role models for its values and ethics.

Managing with Agility
Excellent organisations are widely recognised for their ability to identify and respond effectively and efficiently to opportunities and threats.

Succeeding through the Talent of People
Excellent organisations value their people and create a culture of empowerment for the achievement of both organisational and personal goals.

Sustaining Outstanding Results
Excellent organisations achieve sustained outstanding results that meet both the short and long term needs of all their stakeholders, within the context of their operating environment.

The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence form the basis for the criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model.